Big Sean-Detroit 2; The centerpiece for the Motor City

Andrew Kenekham (Random Writer)
3 min readMar 5, 2021

DETROIT 2! Can we say pure growth? I sure will. On September 4th, I came across streaming it. I been waiting since 2017 when he dropped Double or Nothing; A collaboration EP with Metro Boomin was my soundtrack for 3 summers. The intro speaks for itself. “Why Would I Stop” starts the record of Big Sean just swagging on the song bragging about how hard he worked to get to where he is at. With the continuation of “ Lucky Me” as he opens up about his past coming up with a bad heart condition where thanks to the grace of God, he was able to make this classic. Deep Reverence is the song featuring Nipsey Hussle where Nip raps about his street cred and how his town loves him as they hometown hero as for Big Sean; He was helping us catch up with what was going on and with the verses and subjects he talks about like taking a loss, anxiety, & taking a break from music lets us fans know he is human, he is allowed to take breaks. Deep Reverence was als the answer on why I waited so long for another Big Sean album. And lowkey, this song reminds me of his (Big Sean) track of Double or Nothing that I use to play on repeat on my way to work called “In Tune” where he raps about taking care of his health and how he started eating vitamins and exercised more. Mental health is a serious issue and he let me know personally through that song if your body is getting tired, get some rest.

Big Sean Detroit 2
Big Sean Detroit 2 drops on September 4 and the city embraced. Photo courtesy of Google.

The guest appearances on here are star studded and memorable with a lineup like Nipsey, Eminem, Royce, Dej Loaf, Jhene Aiko, & Ty Dolla $ have all embraced their presence with there golden voices. Who would of known Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, & Dave Chappelle would tell their stories about the life in the motor city. On the track “Body Language” he spits, “I have people in my circle but wasn’t in my corner/ I have people in my business but wasn’t supporting it”, (Big Sean, 2020). Those braggadocios lines were meant to tell his fans even a major artist like him moves like he is independent. The song that kept me on my edge of my seat was “Full Circle” featuring Puff Daddy and Key Wane (Yes, the producer. Trust me, I am flattered he dropped a hot 16 and it sounded great) was talking about how far he has come. Big Sean sharing stories that I can relate to like how he mentions he grew up list to Bone Thugs N Harmony like any other midwest kid in the mid 90s to how he told those giving up rap and finish school was the dumbest thing he heard. This song is a confidence booster about how he made sacrifices and trusted his gut to make his dream come true.

For some reason, 6 months later it still plays in my house while I am cleaning, doing homework, or just chilling. This CD got what you need for a good story, party music, ride music, or a flat out bar fest like Friday Night Cypher where it has all your favorite Detroit artist (Yes, I mean the whole town literally) have came on and killed the whole 9 minute 35 second track. If you want a great story especially on audio, Detroit 2 is a terrific record to add to the listeners collection. Like any great story, Big Sean ends the album with a song that touched my soul with the Outro “Still I Rise” feat Dom Kennedy. On the song, he overcomes the issues he fought and how tall he stood over his demons and today like back in the finally famous early installments. He has always delivered music that would make people and inspire those to take huge steps. Big Sean showed 20 times more growth with Detroit 2! After listening to Detroit 1 which was the ultimate mixtape to have in your collection to Detroit 2 which is pure growth, I am only anxious to hear Detroit 3 in the future.

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