Dave East- Hoffa Review

Dave East Dropped Hoffa on July 30. 2021
  1. The Disappearance- Dave is catching up with his fans because he just came off Karma 3. Saying clever things like “ I could breathe again, I feel like Toni Braxton” showed humor in Hip-Hop although East was being witty with his rhymes.
  2. 60 For a Lawyer- The east coast vibe I grew up from with East vocals laying gold all over this Harry Fraud beat. He talks about his come up with him talking to P.Diddy about Ma$e & Big stories.
  3. Diamonds- Harry Fraud instrumentals get more theatrical and he makes this come to life as Dave East turned this song into an episode of the Soprano’s
  4. Just Another Rapper- A bouncy Harry Fraud produced beat where East was aiming for the club or the feel good nights. For example, if you were going out that weekend and you need background music to get fresh too, this would be it.
  5. Go Off Feat. G Herbo- This song impressed me because G Herbo is one of my favorite artist in this new generation and him rapping over a Harry Fraud beat makes me wonder if there could be a possibility of a future collab between Herb & Fraud. Dave East made this look like the gun scene.
  6. Uncle Ric feat. Benny The Butcher- I hope 2022, we get a Benny X East project, please?
  7. The Product- Dave East music is like drugs and he is moving product.
  8. Money Or Power Feat. Jim Jones- Jimmy brought that old school Dipset Harlem feeling on this beat. I salute East for putting him on this track.
  9. I Can Hear The Storm- This is my favorite song on the album because of the vivid story East tells along with making this song mood music. Dave East made this song perfect reflecting on past life compared to now.
  10. Dolla And A Dream Feat. Steven Young- A young hustler’s anthem.
  11. Count It Up Feat. French Montana- What is a Harry Fraud beat without a French Montana hook?
  12. The Win Feat. Cruch Calhoun- This another bounce from Harry Fraud.
  13. Yeah I Know Feat. Kiing Shooter- This song showed the potential of Kiing Shooter before his untimely death. They would of been the new Nas & Az of this generation.
  14. Red Fox Restaraunt Feat. Curren$y- Spitta beginning the song off right and Dave East keeping it gangster.




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Andrew Kenekham

Andrew Kenekham

Brand Builder #stovetopmedia #bestthingcooking #art #music #fashion DruskiMane@Yahoo.Com

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