Eminem-Slim Shady LP 23 years later

Eminem drops Slim Shady LP on Feb 23, 1999

1999 is my favorite year in Hip-Hop because there are artist like Nas, DMX, & Jay-Z who blessed the rap world with the street tales of money, guns, & lust. Everybody including the artist I overlooked got to eat that year. A young Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem came into the scene with blonde hair and skills and was overlooked because of his personality. You are not a fan of Eminem if you never heard this classic. When you open this album, the CD is a Viagra pill with fangs. Eminem to me was like a Black Missy Elliot; someone who uses their imagination to create art. If you overlook his misogynistic topics where he murders his wife and her new husband and pay attention to how he multi-stack his rhymes, you will understand this is pure talent.

Eminem getting interviewed at Rolling Stone Magazine in 1999

Detroit was making a big scene with the acts like Kid Rock & Insane Clown Posse. Notice that the punk scene such as Korn & Limp Bizkit were hitting the airwaves with their rebellious lifestyle to the youth. Eminem also brought that freedom to Hip-Hop. Before he got signed, he was an ordinary battle rapper trying to make a name for himself creating a buzz that Dr. Dre had no choice but to sign him then and there. If you remember 99 like I do, that was the last time Woodstock even happened and that is when the Columbine shooting happened. People around the world thought they were going to die so water supply sold out in grocery stores and many of those stayed home for New Years Eve with their families praying they make it for the 2000’s. Eminem brought the 2000’s in with his 1999 debut, Slim Shady LP. This album is special because of how crafted this work of art and made it memorable for all music listeners. As I go into further detail, I will discuss track by track on why each song and skit stood out and how it should be studied like any other legendary debut like AZ Do Or Die or Nas Illmatic. He honestly released an independent album in 1996 called Infinite but only underground heads would remember that. He also released the Slim Shady EP in 1997 along withe the D-12 underground mixtape which you can find it anywhere online for free.

  1. Public Service Announcement Skit- Eminem has always been a clown when it comes to music, lyrics and skits. The end of the skit says don’t do drugs and he meant that seriously and sarcastically.
  2. My Name Is- His intro to the world and I relate to this song because I am still indecisive on which Spice Girl I wanted to get pregnant. Hell, I wanted to knock up Scary Spice one time in life because of her thick legs and afro but hey, this song is relatable, what more can I say?
  3. Guilty Conscious Feat. Dr. Dre- I actually thought Dre was back to 1992 Dre when Em asked “are you going to take advice from somebody who slapped D.Barnes”, (Eminem, 1999). This song is great because it reminds me at my job provoking my own boss in which I do just to drive his blood pressure crazy.
  4. Brain Damage- This song has imagination talking about him getting bullied by D’Angelo Bailey and how he left a mark on him. This is a song where Eminem has no remorse on what he says and does but Shady does seem to use his past and make it colorful.
  5. Paul Skit- Eminem’s manager telling him to tone it down. This skit is relatable because it reminds me of my own boss to watch my language and lower my tone.
  6. If I Had- “If I had one wish, I wish for a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss”, (Eminem, 1999). Who doesn’t wish they had more or deserved more? This song is a plea for the goods in life but some of us are not happy.
  7. Bonnie and Clyde 97- Eminem and his daughter kill his wife and her new husband? This is a rebellious song and before Will Smith made just the two of us, Eminem did. No wonder they do not like each other really. Cause Eminem’s version is better than Will’s version and that is facts.
  8. Zoey Skit- She is a bitch, an ungrateful judgemental bitch.
  9. Role Model- Listen to this song carefully. This is early Em name dropping and dissing. Lauren Hill, Canibus, & Garth Brooks. How clever is Shady and how could he do things like this? The video to this is him in a circus but remains one of the best sneak disses ever for those who love battle rap.
  10. Lounge Skit- A diss to all boy bands cause Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were taking over.
  11. My Fault- A hilarious song about a woman who ate shrooms. I been there before and I witness firsthand what it can do to you. Thanks to Em, he showed you can use your imagination to a colorful animation on music.
  12. Ken Kaniff Skit- A funny skit about Eminem’s gay stalker. I never knew Ken Kaniff was a real guy but in real life, he is straight. The skit just made him look gay but it is funny.
  13. Cum On Everybody Feat. Dina Rae- “My favorite color red like the blood shed like Kurt Cobain’s head when he shot himself dead”, (Eminem, 1999). This is an example of how Em used multi-stacking and a great example of those who can use it is Dizaster, Black Thought, & Lady Of Rage. Eminem is crazy with the word play.
  14. Rock Bottom- My favorite song on the album where it talks about living with a poor income while raising his daughter. Favorite line, “my daughter’s feet ain’t got no shoes or socks on em. Them rings you rocking got a few rocks on them”, (Eminem, 1999) clarifying that those in his inner city got more than what he got and the ones who got money inspire the ones who are broke.
  15. Just Don’t Give a Fuck- I think this song is a diss track on of course, Canibus. That is what makes this song so clever and unique because Eminem knows how to handle and hand his diss records out.
  16. Soap Skit- Soap opera’s was heavily popular in the 90’s and probably now. Eminem wanted to make his own.
  17. As The World Turns- Track 16 is a funny song about Eminem being himself. Funny lines like “ I caught her on her bed legs spread smelling like Liz Claiborne while she was watching gay porn”, (Eminem, 1999). Eminem was once again multi-stacking his rhymes bringing comedy to these raps.
  18. I’m Shady- The hook is hilarious where he raps “ I got mushrooms, I got acid”, (Eminem, 1999) where he raps like a child but makes a grown man feel young again.
  19. Bad Meets Evil Feat. Royce Da 5'9- The birth of Bad Meets Evil. This is the intro to everything that brings us to hell.
  20. Still Don’t Give a Fuck- A part II to track 15 where he gets sinister and decides to make it more darker than the original. Again, Eminem bringing back his battle rap roots with his dark wordplay and multi-stacking ability to put words together.


A straight classic. A Masterpiece. A one of a kind art that makes child like hooks and puts things all together. The best way to describe this album is one of a kind and how these bars connect is like how dots do. From line to line and understanding Eminem may be way over some people’s head but he is one heck of an MC when it comes to wordplay, rhymes, and schemes. Dr. Dre’s best investment since he started Death Row Records to starting Aftermath Records.

Eminem took over radio stations for more years to come and with more visits to rap stations to drop bars, Em has managed to put himself in the position of GOAT before Recovery and all those albums that defined his comeback in rap. Being able to listen to this record for the first time at the age of 10 made an inspiration for the youth to be creative and have creative control over your own work. That is something that most artist do not have and it is hard to unless your independent. Eminem managed to do that under a huge label and still managed to look like a powerhouse in rap.

Live From The Stove Top,

Andrew Kenekham AKA Druski Dru




Brand Builder #stovetopmedia #bestthingcooking #art #music #fashion DruskiMane@Yahoo.Com

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Andrew Kenekham

Andrew Kenekham

Brand Builder #stovetopmedia #bestthingcooking #art #music #fashion DruskiMane@Yahoo.Com

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