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Lil Wayne and his decade of dominance

Lil Wayne has solidified himself as Rap’s number contender when it comes to the microphone. Easily, the most influenced rapper in our generation; Weezy F baby has graced us with his strenuous lexicon of mixtapes, studio albums, and free bees. Many of those who remember Wayne can say he helped mold Cash Money Records into becoming one of music’s most marketable artist.

Opening a record label for his artist, Nicki Minaj, Drake, & Tyga; Tunechi has also multi tasked as a CEO for his flagship company, Young Money Records. From 1999 past the 2010’s, Wayne has a certainty into creating memoirable moments for the music scene.

Lil Wayne in 2011

Doing his time in Rikers Island, Weezy dropped his I am not a Human Being to bridge the gap for his Carter 4 as he was returning home from prison in 2010. While he was gone, Drake & Nicki has managed to hold it down while Weezy was in prison.

Many have speculated that Wayne was going to fall off due to inactivity in the studio. Many of those do not credit Weezy enough to realize he has full potential. Dwayne Michael Carter has managed to create a blueprint like his idol, Jay-Z to make a series that Hip Hop can remember him for.

Young Money

On August 29, 2011; Lil Wayne dropped the Carter IV. A album that test Lil Wayne’s skills as the rap game was changing. It was going back to when rappers were rapping like they were broke. Weezy’s hunger has never changed and no matter how old he is; Tunechi has managed to hold his own as the top spot for the rap game is always either filled or fighting for.

As we go through these songs, we will decode what each song meant and how it is a masterpiece for all music listeners.

  1. Intro- Lil Wayne steps into the microphone and booth with confidence. There was nothing new when Lil Wayne drops his crazy punchlines. Dropping hilarious lines to make Hip Hop chuckle. Lines like “ Lifes a crazy Bitch, Grace Jones”, Wayne still got it.
  2. Blunt Blowing- A track to mention that Lil Wayne has not changed. Lines like “ If time was money, I am an hour past paid”. Weezy does this with confidence but still managed to juggle his wordplay.
  3. MegaMan- A tribute to his producer who made the song. If you remember old Wayne in his prime, he just take a beat and just rap over it just to glide through the song.
  4. 6 foot 7 foot Feat Cory Gunz- A reminicent of A milli with Cory Gunz who was supposed to carry the Young Money Torch for Carter.
  5. Nightmare at the Bottoms- A slow piano tune where Lil Wayne talks about the scares of being at the top to where he is scared to be back at the bottom.
  6. She Will Feat. Drake- Hip Hops best story telling where Wayne raps about a woman’s loyalty. Drake should of had a verse on this song to be honest.
  7. How to Hate Feat T-Pain- T-Wayne is a great collaboration. Sometimes I wish they made more music because their chemistry is unmatched.
  8. Interlude Feat. Tech 9ine & Andre 3000- Weezy laughing in the beginning along with Tech’s fast paced word play along with Andre’s story telling makes this an imperative interlude for music listeners.
  9. John Feat. Rick Ross- Rick Ross is one of those rappers who evolved into the rap game quick. Rick Ross on your song in 2011 is a trend, kind of like Lil Wayne in 2006–2009.
  10. Abortion-” Im a hell of a smoker and a bit of a drinker” is what Wayne is bragging bout on his song.
  11. So Special Feat. John Legend- Another song about Wayne’s lust towards these woman.
  12. How to Love- This song is a classic for radio play where he raps and sings over soft guitar strings. Moments like this where Wayne is captivating his listeners with his irresistable story telling where he raps about a woman not knowing how to love herself.
  13. President Carter- A hard synthesizer song where Wayne reminds y’alls who the president is.
  14. Im good feat. Drake & Jadakiss- An all out cypher where Wayne is throwing disses at his arch nemisis, Jay-Z. Lines like “Gimme 3 wishes, I wish I wish I wish you would Bitch” explains how quick witted Weezy is with his metaphors.
  15. Outro Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne, & Busta Rhymes- First of, thank God Shyne is home. 2nd Busta Rhymes spits his most grand feature ever on here and Nas and Bun B is a blessing when it comes to collaborations.


Carter IV released on August 29, 2011

Wayne has managed to handle his target destroying his adversaries making Hip Hop his home. Welcome to his house because Carter IV is one of the most influential series to study.

Lil Wayne has managed to create songs for replay value and managed to hold his test of time. A lot of those still remember Weezy and his summer of 07. Weezy is a contender and he has the right to call himself Best Rapper Alive. Whether it is the mixtape scene or studio releases; Dwayne Michael Carter is what you call GOAT.

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