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Ludacris drops Word of Mouf 11/6.2001

Ludacris has made history marking his name as an ATL DJ to the most respected MC that has ever stepped on the mic. Before the days where he worked for Hollywood, Ludacris was signed to Def Jam South courtesy of Brad Jordan AKA Scarface. Being a top tier rapper means more than rhymes and bars. Luda captured an audience during the Nelly and Eminem times. Those rappers were big in 2000’s.

Ludacris owned the 2000's

Making his debut with Incognegro, Ludacris dropped his debut single “Whats your Fantasy" Feat. Shawna about having sex in the most random spots you can think of. Ludacris solidified himself as an MC with his musical start as Chris Lova Lova, through the radio, he already had stage presence which made Ludacris monumental in the ATL scene. Outside of artist like Outkast, Goodie Mob, Jeezy, & T.I, Luda managed to do things other MC’s didn’t want to do and that was step outside of their box to reach higher level’s to their musical journey.

Ludacris & Jay-Z, Circa 2001

Ludacris dropped his second album, Back For The First Time where he used his imagination to use. I think all artist should have an imagination because the artist who put their music out should always have a theme and concept. With Back For The First Time, this was a remark from his debut Incognegro where he signed his first contract with Def Jam South. For those who are not familiar with Incognegro, 85% of the songs are on Back For The First Time so if you bought the album; you already caught on.

The test is always at the second album and on November 6, 2001, Luda dropped his third album, Word Of Mouf. To the fans, it is his second because of the labels and marketing. The album is a spin off from Back From The First Time where it had more raps about bountiful items and cars along with fast woman and money. Ludacris never needed to talk about selling dope because he never wanted that direction. He wanted old Hip Hop back with the freedom, party songs, and effusive delivery on every song. No wonder why he had beef with Bill O’Reily because he could not understand figure of speech, especially coming from a man who can’t understand him. Dropping off singles like “Roll Out”, “Area Codes”, & many more, Ludacris could actually use this album in a Verzuz battle against Nelly back recently and still win. Ludacris was the most feared rapper in the game back then and he did not carry himself in a thug persona. He just knew how to release good music on the right timing.

Luda flexing on them in 2001

As we go into the album, we will dig track by track to see why each song mattered and how it has impacted the rap game. Not just that, even though this was not my favorite Luda album, this album made his name super solid when it comes to the hits that were dropped and the choreography and coordination on how this album was organized and crafted to perfection.

  1. Coming 2 America- Ludacris makes a Coming To America sample making his name and return of his first album The beat to this was reckless and if I were in a street fight, my aggression would rise causing me to have high blood pressure throughout the battle. Ludacris is funny with lines like “Uh oh spaghetti o’s/ Luda is oodles and noodles”, (Ludacris, 2001), he did efficient punchlines causing him to go on a lyrical stir. Listening to this intro is like watching your favorite boxer destroy their opponents in the first round. Round 1, won
  2. Roll Out (My Business)- When I did my research, I learned Timbaland did the beat. This song should be played on everybodies Facebook Profile who do not like nosy people. This song is a self-reflection because you know those type of people who you don’t even talk to that want to know your business for no reason. This track is dedicated to all those trying to barge into someone’s business and Roll Out is mood music.
  3. Go 2 Sleep Feat. Three Six Mafia- Go 2 Sleep is a party anthem for those who can’t hang. I am a huge Three Six Mafia fan and when they came on, I felt like this is the most energetic thing they ever put out. Ludacris DTP and Hypnotize Minds should of did a collaboration album, ep, or mixtape because the energy matched between the two camps matched perfect. DJ Paul stood out to me because of his gritty aggressive wordplay. Juicy J rides the beat with his pimp style rhyme style.
  4. Cry Babies (Oh No)- The ultimate hype song on this album. This would be my favorite track of the CD because of the energy and resilient approach he gave on the microphone. He said it himself where he raps “ I got people scared as fuck like when condoms break”, (Ludacris, 2001). Luda informs those stepping in his territory that he is the most feared rapper stepping on the mic. Competing with Nelly & Em, Luda managed to hold his own without causing controversy. Luda’s hardest hitting single seems family friendly which is great because if I had kid’s and they listened to him, I would not ground them.
  5. She Said- She Said reminds me of that down south, riding in the car, pimping type of music. He is telling his story about a woman who claims she never had sex and Ludacris is making a hilarious story. Apparently, she been lying to Ludacris so he is delivering a conversation bragging about having a one night stand with her.
  6. Hoewhere (Skit)- Ludacris always makes funny skits having a conversation with his friends remind him that he is in the middle of Hoewhere.
  7. Area Codes Feat. Nate Dogg- One of the best radio singles Luda rapped on. Who does not want to be Luda in this song where you have different woman in different cities and states. Even though this is a womanizer’s anthem, this song does bring the good vibes and I feel like drinking a Cocktail by the beach while reading a book.
  8. Growing Pains- A tale where Ludacris talks about growing up in College Park. Day dreaming about making it big and bringing his homies with him when he comes up.
  9. Greatest Hits (skit)- Random white people doing Ludacris records on DEEZ Nuts records
  10. Move Bitch Feat. Mystikal & I-20- The ultimate road rage anthem. Drive safe when playing this records, Thanks. Mystikal stole the show
  11. Stop Lying (Skit)- Never tell hoes the truth. Listen to the skit and it will teach you how to behave.
  12. Saturday (Ohhh Ohhh)- Ludacris got on his inner Ice Cube and created an updated version of Today Was a Good Day. This is a feel good song because even if you work every Saturday like me, this is the first song you want to play when you wake up that morning.
  13. Keep It On The Hush- Jazze Pha singing the harmonious hymns and people do not realize that Jazze Pha been putting things out before Ciara stepped in the game. Ludacris is remind his woman to keep their mouth quiet when he is on his creep move.
  14. Word Of Mouf (Freestyle)- Ludacris is one of the most underrated freestylist that ever stepped on the mic. For those in the young generation, Youtube Ludacris Rap City The Basement and see how hard he freestyled. Ludacris does freestyle and he is damn good.
  15. Get The Fuck Back Feat. Shawna, Lil Fate, & I-20- This is a posse song that reminds me of Three Six Mafia records. This song is important because it taught those that Hip Hop unites, it does not divide. Only person that was missing honestly was Tity Boi who was my favorite after Ludacris because I loved his moniker. This song also showcases Shawna lyrical splatter she left in the game and she was never promoted right.
  16. Freaky Things Feat. Twista & Jagged Edge- Jagged Edge was the group in 2001 and it was only right Luda put Jagged Edge on there because of their soothing vocals on the beat. Twista hopped on there and destroyed the song with his face paced word play which solidified who he is and what made him. He actually rapped like Tongue Twista rather than Twista because of how lyrical he went. This song is great and one of these days, I’ll be drinking wine in a resort with a fine woman to this song because of the vibe it brings.
  17. Cold Outside- Cold Outside is a metaphor meaning it is not safe outside. This song is pretty gangster where he reflects on the dangers of his own hood. Protecting yourself is the key to survival and Luda is preaching game on this.
  18. Block Lockdown Feat. I-20/ Welcome 2 Atlanta Feat. Jermaine Dupri- Block Lockdown is a song where you rep your territory. Ludacris and I-20 honestly put this song on Funkmaster Flex’s album “The Mixtape, Vol IV”, (2000). Luda is calling the shots and he is letting it be known. Welcome 2 Atlanta is an anthem that was hard hitting and I am upset that when The Falcons went to the Super Bowl, they did not play this in the stadium. I
    don’t even watch football like that but I watched the Super Bowl that year to see if the song got played at Gillette Stadium and it wasn’t. I wasted 2 hours of my life hoping to hear it and I didn’t



Ludacris made a name of this album because of the hits that people remember from this classic. Ludacris is a versatile rapper who can write and freestyle. He makes hits for real and them records are incredible. 20 years later and many of those still remember this album. Not making a comparison to a tragedy but remembering this album is like remembering where you were on 9/11. People knew the location they were and what they were doing.

November 6th, 2001; the fans of Chris “Ludacris” Bridges got a classic delivered to the world and record sales mattered back then. The best comes from Luda and he managed to top the charts with other big names. Things were different back then and if they had streams, Luda would break internet with this masterpiece. Each song was a party anthem and it brought something special back to Atlanta. Ludacris never had flaw’s and that is what gave him his confidence to rap on songs. This album was also being heard in the school hallways with those walking by you with their Sony Walkman singing Move Bitch when those are in your way. One of the best Sophomore albums to drop in Hip Hop!

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