Meek Mill-Dream Chasers 10 years later and still chasing dreams

Meek Mill, Dreamchasers (2011) became a blueprint to chasing your dreams.

Meek Mill is the hip hop Rocky. The reason being is because win or lose, Meek never backed down from a challenge and never will. After I got done listening to his album, “Expensive Pain”, (2021), I went back and tried to compare new Meek to the one everyone remembers. Personally, I remember him from his beef with Reid Dollaz at the time. It was 06 and people like Hollow Man, Serius Jones, Murda Mook, & Jin were creating an underground buzz without selling records. As time changes, so did Meek. He cut the braids (C’Mon Meek, I know damn well you read the bible. Samson got sick as soon as he got his hair cut from a woman he wasn’t supposed to trust), switched labels from Grand Hustle to Maybach Music Group, and he became a sensational phenom coming from the underground to the top tier in the rap game.

Meek Mill at the VMA’s in 2011

I must admit, looking at 2011 is like watching a season of basketball from the 2000’s when it was everybody was hooping, even the losing team. There was a huge selection back then. Me personally, I was in college bumping Juicy J (Blue Dream & Lean), Nipsey Hussle (The Marathon Continues), Young Chris (The Revival), & Starlito (Ultimate Warrior). I was on livemixtapes ignoring my instructor at the time because being young and dumb, I got distracted easily when it comes to learning. If that is the case, Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers mixtape is the best distraction I’ve ran into to. It was so bad, it caused me to fall off college and repeating a semester because the music was so good, you end up hanging out in surrounding’s that played the same shit. I end up partying through college which was irresponsible but end up making memories out of this mixtape.

As we go forward, I will dive deep into each track and tell the world the vibe this classic gives. Note that each track meant something and my nephew who is 5 year’s younger than me even told me that everybody in his school has this in their I-Pod, Mp3, or Ringtone. Each track is like a blueprint to chasing dreams. Let’s watch how it is drawn out.

From Street’s to Superstardom, Meek has made steps to chasing his dreams.
  1. Get Dis Money- If you were 23 like me in 2011, you probably had this as your alarm clock. This song makes you want to work, even on a bad day.
  2. House Party Feat. Young Chris- An Ode to the Philly Rapper’s, Note that before the Beanie Sigel’s, Cassidy’s, & Meek Mill’s; Philly rap was considered pop friendly (not saying it is Negative) with the talent of Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kid N Play. After Schooly D, more Philly rappers started telling the dark side of Philadelphia.
  3. I’m A Boss Feat. Rick Ross- His anthem
  4. Dream Chasers Feat. Beanie Sigel- Meek did his thang but it was good to hear Bean’s again. My favorite line in this song was Bean’s. The line went “ I use to kick the machine for quarters at the laundry mat”. Beanie actually spit’s pain, even today.
  5. Tony Montana- RIP Speaker Knockerz. He made Future a hit and Meek Mill come’s in and merks this, freestyle form. If Speaker Knockerz’s tragedy never happened, there would honestly be a Speaker Knocker’z collaboration.
  6. Body Count Feat. Rick Ross- This is a killer’s anthem. Rick Ross’s hook’s sound like a verse to me and I think it is interesting.
  7. Tony Story- Meek deserve’s his credit as a story teller. He uses his childhood upbringing and rhymed about it. The best metaphor I use is my favorite. Brenda’s Got a Baby by 2Pac; Pac explained any woman going through what Brenda went through that experience is a Brenda. If that is the case, there is a Tony everywhere. same with Paulie’s
  8. Middle of The Summer Feat. Mel Luv- An ode to Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff hit single. Summer Time. It is that feel good music and Meek did drop this around the time school started again so it was perfect timing.
  9. Work Feat. Rick Ross- A money making anthem for those at work.
  10. Realest U Ever Seen Feat. NH- Meek Mill’s confessional about the money he made from chasing his dreams. He even said “I’m Burning Paper Like Wiz Khalifa”, so you know this is Meek’s message to himself to remind himself how far he came up.
  11. I’m Me- Could this be a song he left of his Flamer’s 3. I could of swore Meek grew his braid’s back with these hard gritty lyrics. Then again he shout’s his label, MMG but with the Flamer’s flow.
  12. Derrick Rose Feat. Mel Luv- Meek ballin like Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose was super dope until he got traded for Dwayne Wade.
  13. Don’t Panic Feat. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti- Rick Ross alone killed this song with his hook. MMG to me is like watching Durant, Harden, & Westbrook. Yo Gotti fit perfect with his laid back dopeboy flow. I am still mad that they (Gotti & Meek) never made that tour happen in 2017. That would of been a dope collaboration tour with both of them having the hottest albums out at the time.
  14. Sparkle’s Feat. Young Pooh- Meek loves champagne, what more do you want to say.
  15. Love Don’t Live Here No More- My favorite song on this mixtape because of the throwback sample. I love how the sample start’s off then the beat’s kick’s in. Meek Mill spazz’s about the pain that is left in Philly.
  16. Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho- Cardiak was the man in 2011. His beats were so good, if you were a rapper, you would grab one of his beats and start flowing over it. Meek did it efficiently.
  17. I’m On One- Drake instrumental’s were used a lot. I’m on One freestyle is his stamp of approval to the world that he can kill any beat. I hated this beat to be honest.
  18. Won’t Stop- The outro with DJ Drama dropping his blessings. This is the Dream Chaser’s mentality where you can’t stop until you get a billion.


Dream Chasers year in 2011

This is the blueprint for chasing your dreams. Meek was admirable in this whole tape to where it get’s played like an album. I compare this to Jeezy’s Trap Or Die tape because every one has had it, heard it, or is reciting it. Meek has made things catchy with his dopeboy narration and his Dream Chaser’s perception. Meek has stepped in the game with the same hunger that was made clear to all record execs.

10 years later, Dream Chaser’s is still researched and studied because of the infrastructure it has created. Since then, there been plenty of more rapper’s appearing out the blue and it could be the influence Meek has put out. Coming from a battle rapper to an industry artist is hard but Meek has succeeded it with no predicament. That mean’s Meek had no issue with the transition because Meek wanted change so he changed himself and help change the game it is right now. Hip Hop, Art, Culture, Meek has brought it all from street music, his infatuation with dirt bikes and the dream he wants to make true. During his prison stint, he and Jay-Z helped make a reform law that could help prisoner’s who get out by finding them work or sending them to college to make a better tomorrow. Meek has done a lot in 10 years and here is my acknowledgment.

Live From The Stove Top,

Andrew Kenekham AKA Druski Dru



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