Royce Da 5'9 & Eminem-When Bad Meets Evil

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Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 Partners N Rhyme

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This month marks the 10th anniversary of the EP that changed, influenced, and shaped the way of collaboration albums. In Hip-Hop, there are countless of best friends who collaborate together constantly to make a record or an album. From Method Man and Redman, DJ Paul and Juicy J, Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. to the new generation like Lil’Baby and Gunna. It is not about having friends in the industry but about how strong your chemistry is. Eminem and Royce has always read each others mind and traded bars that would wow us or even have us entertained. When Slim Shady LP dropped in 1999, there was a song called Bad Meets Evil. The golden collaboration on the song made it be know this is what happens when Bad Meets Evil. This friendship formed when they met while Royce Da 5'9 opened up for Usher in 1997 at the Palladium. A year later, they would record two singles, Nuttin to Do and Scary Movie. When Bad Meets Evil fell out over a beef between D-12 and Royce Da 5'9, things got sour. Sadly, before Proof passed away in 2006, Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 patched things up. Five years later, they would make the EP, Hell: The Sequel. Only true Hip-Hop fans know the history between Royce DA 5'9 and Eminem and on the anniversary. I will break down Hell: The Sequel track by track to conclude how it ended well.

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 working in 1999

Welcome to Hell

The intro on this EP picks up where this duo left off. Nothing but a tongue twisting bar fest where shady and Nickel play hot potato on this haunting instrumental.

Fast Lane

A cool song that I could see being used in a Fast and the Furious movie. Although, the song is called Fast Lane right?

The Reunion

A funny song where Shady goes back to his misogynistic ways while Royce raps about playing a chick on this song. This is a sequel to 1998, Scary Movie.

Above The Law

The hook matches this rebellious rhyme style and Nickel Nine comes stomping this beat while Shady Snaps.

I’m On Everything Feat. Mike Epps

A funny song that describes how this generation relies on substance. This honestly brings back vintage Shady and Royce.

A Kiss

Another funy song where they just clown throughout the song. This song could be a sequel to Nuttin to Do, A 1998 song they did.

Lighters feat. Bruno Mars

A friendly family pop song that I can picture a family man or woman can approve of their kids playing in their MP3 or I-Pod.

Take From Me

Recovery Bonus? A tale of struggle, trials, and tribulations.

Loud Noises Feat. Slaughterhouse

This song reminds you why Eminem signed Slaughterhouse. They all killed it but JOEY!!! Sheesh, he (Joe Budden) stole the show in my opinion.

Living Proof

This song speaks for itself that Bad Meets Evil is the living proof lyrical rap still exist.

Echo feat. Liz Rodriguez

A rockstar anthem that is rebellious and This is a perfect anthem to riot to.

Bad Meets Evil just turned 10


Despite the good and bad times, Bad Meets Evil happened for a reason. With Em and Royce together, it was to bridge the gap to bring hip-hop to collaborate and to create good music. I felt this album was meant to happen and it took my whole summer of 2011 to grown on me. Overall, this EP was and still is the best thing cooking! I hope this EP inspires young artist to create.

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